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Securing your Home

Securing your home domain is an important objective for everyone to try their best to improve on. I say improve on rather than complete because you should always be looking for ways to continue to harden your domains defenses.

Domains can be a lot of different things but consist typically of an area that you consider yours. An example would include your home & property. This post will be going over different ways to harden your homes defenses.

Home Security

There is a great game i always enjoyed playing growing up called Age of Empires. One of the scenarios you could play was called Regicide in which you were supposed to protect your king and seek and destroy the enemy king. This game was great to help you see what worked and what didn’t in terms of protecting your domain. The gamers who thrived and did the best would always secure their perimeter and have foreknowledge of the enemies that were incoming. Taking the old quote that says the best defense is a good offense to heart.

Now in the real world we cant go out storming our enemies castles but we can take a proactive approach to protecting ours.

Being Smart Online- Social Media is a double edged sword on one hand it helps us connect with people that you know but on the other it could pose a serious threat to your security. So we need to be careful when going out of town or away from the house for awhile not to announce it to everyone. You never know who could be watching so you want people to stay guessing on what you do and when your gone. If you go on vacation try not to announce it beforehand but rather post about it closer to your return home for example.

Outer Perimeter- The outer perimeter to your home is one of the most important things to consider. Stopping or discouraging bad guys from attempting to burglarize you. Criminals dont like to be seen so you want to make it dangerous for the criminals to pull up in your driveway. Making your home visible from many different angles is a plus. Road front property and some type of see through fencing is nice. The criminals would prefer to pick houses where they can operate unseen. Security Cameras like Arlo are great for giving you advanced warning of possible intruders. Properly positioned you can keep tabs on cars that may pull up in your driveway and or people that come to your house or even walk by. Arlo or other similar systems will notify you and record whenever the motion detector goes off. This gives you extra eyes on your house when you are not there which also allows you the opportunity to notify police and or your neighbor. Every second counts.

Inside the home! Good locks on the front and rear doors are a great start and a screen or glass door is nice as well (Layers our always a good thing)!  Protect your valuables in safes or hard to find places in your home. Door Jacks help make it more difficult to kick in a door and a wireless security system with a battery back up can help you harden your home.

In closing never stop trying to find more ways to better your homes defenses. Criminals are always looking for opportunities and always looking for new ways to adapt. So remain vigilant when hardening your home defenses. Think like a criminal if possible and then find the solution. Move your cars around in your driveway, leave a light on when your away and try not to be to predictable with your routine. Also when you are home make sure you have an adequate means to self defense and a plan in place to protect you and your family.

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