About Us


 I am a  husband , Father of three, Gunsmith, Wrestling Coach, Preacher, Historian, Survivalist and I have a great passion for bringing people together. So in 2018 i started Deercreek Society a place to tie in all the topics I and so many others are passionate about.  I love to study history and have traveled the country visiting different historic sites.  I was trained in Martial Arts by Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi earning a black belt.  In high school I had a successful Wrestling career in both Folkstyle and Freestyle forms of Wrestling. Medaling at tournaments all over the country and as a coach I am still seeking out the best training possible.  On July 2nd 2017 i announced my calling to preach the word of God and I am still actively doing so. I grew up in a family of competitive shooters and gunsmiths, instilling their love of firearms and their history into me.  So after apprenticing for five years I became a gunsmith in 2012. 


I am a Mom, Wife & firearms enthusiast. who loves making a difference. My husband and I wanted to start Deercreek Society as a place to share some of our ideas and collaborate with other people who like the same things. I will focus mostly towards home preparedness, cooking, Self defense and organization. 

Confident Prepared Victorious

we are on our way

Deercreek Society is growing and we would love to meet you. Soon we will be offering classes and different opportunities to meet.