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What Lies Ahead?

This morning i was giving a pep talk to the kids before school telling them my usual. ” Go out and conquer the day and whatever lies ahead”. That got me thinking about what difficult tasks may lay ahead for them! Life is hard and when you look up the definition of lie or lay it usually means to be or place oneself at rest in a flat, horizontal, or recumbent position. Which is definitely not the kind of obstacles you face in the real world. It seems to me that the obstacles we face from day to day are not usually laying down but standing straight up and blocking your path. They require determination, focus and a lot of times patience to conquer. 

To me I visualize these things that lay ahead looking more like giant boulders or some kind of crazy evil monsters. These boulders are obstacles that you need to find a way around or figure out a way to smash them up  into little pieces of gravel. The Evil Monsters clearly are asking for a Blast Double Leg Takedown to get them quickly out of the way. In the real world “outside of my imagination” these evil monsters and giant boulders could represent different situations that may present themselves to us on a daily basis. Our environment and the people we interact with leave us different options in the way we handle things. If people cause problems for us we have to make decisions that can either improve our day or ruin our day. Make the right decisions and stay focused on your goals that is how you can conquer those obstacles that “lay “or (jump out at you) everyday!

In life things are not always laid out for you and most of the time you have to work hard to grind through the day.

My mind is always thinking and i wanted to share this thought i had with you! I hope you enjoyed it!

Be Confident, Be Prepared, Be Victorious!