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Katie and Mossberg 500

Home Defense Shotgun


A good shotgun can play an important part in keeping your home and family safe.  For instance, Shotguns are one of the most versatile firearms you can purchase with many options and gauges available. So let us get started with the basics. Shotguns have many different gauges to choose from. Typically ranging from 410, 28, 20, 16, 12 and 10 gauge.  I usually recommend the 20 and 12 gauge because of  the availability of ammo.  These gauges also offers wider range of use in different applications. For instance, in the state of Georgia you can use any shotgun 20 gauge or larger for Deer hunting. This gives you the capability of hunting bird, deer, rabbits and more with one firearm.


The advantages of the 20 gauge are lighter recoil while still maintaining the capability of delivering a devastating blow to the target. As a matter of fact the 20 and 12 for the most part shoot the same shot. The only difference being the amount of shot each shell is capable of holding. The 12 gauge has an advantage of holding more shot and in return it has the capability of delivering a greater impact. For home defense purposes I prefer buckshot which is a large diameter pellet which ranges in size from #4 .24 to 000 .36. I typically will go for #4 or 00 Buck. The smaller pellets will have more shot where as the larger shot will have less pellets.



My personal home defense shotgun is a very reliable and affordable Mossberg 500 12 gauge. It is a pump action shotgun with a 18.5″ BBL and ambidextrous safety. Many other types of shotguns are also available; Single bbl, Double bbl, PUMP, Semi-Auto, etc. all can have a place as a home defense shotgun. The Mossberg  500 was the right choice for me and my family but there are many other great choices as well. A few of my favorites would have to be a Remington 870 Pump, Remington 11-87, Ithaca 37, Winchester 12, Different SB and Dbl BBL shotguns, FN Shotguns, Mossberg 930 and also a Mossberg 590 a1 SPX with bayonet. I like so many guns my list grows longer each year. The great thing is there are numerous different options for you so you can find what fits best for you and your family.

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Katie AKA Mrs. Deercreek and her Mossberg 500