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The Winchester 54

The Winchester Model 54 is a bolt action rifle manufactured by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. The 54 was the first successful production run civilian center fire bolt action for Winchester.

The 54 was based on the Mauser action. Predating the Winchester model 70 the 54 gave introduction to the 270 Winchester Cartridge in the early 1900’s. The Model 54 Winchester was produced until 1936. The Popularity of telescopic scopes was not prevalent back then. Making the 54 primarily an open sight firearm.

The 54 was available in several calibers like the 22 Hornet, 257 Roberts, 270 Winchester, 30-30, 30-06, 7×57, 7.65 Argentine and 9×57 Mauser. Special order chamberings were made in 32 Winchester Special and 35 Whelen

You do not see to many of these old gems. The 54 got overshadowed by the introduction of the Model 70 Rifle which was easier to mount an optic on. So if you get the opportunity to see one of these neat old rifles pick it up and admire the craftsmanship.