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American Revolution

The American Rifleman

The American Rifleman

 During the War of Independence (The American Revolution) brave citizen-soldiers took a stand at Bunker Hill against the Kings men. During this battle 2000 Patriots were able to show the world that they could stand up to a trained force of over 2500 redcoats. Which also included five of the crackfoot regiments of the British Army.  Therefore emboldening the cause of the Patriots to continue their quest for freedom.

  The Americans of the Revolution had a great familiarity with firearms. In every household rich or poor, country or town a gun of some kind stood in the corner or hung on pegs over the fireplace. His weapon was a flintlock typically between 40-50 caliber with spiral grooves in the bore which allowed the round ball to spin. This in turn made them more accurate then your typical Military rifle of the day. Which would usually be lucky to hit a man sized target at 60 yards. Therefore, differentiating from the military muskets; the typical long rifle the militiamen used were able to hit man sized targets at 125-150 yards. The advantage of having a more accurate firearm gave the militiamen a distinct advantage over the British Regulars. 

  The opening battles of the Revolutionary War established the citizen soldier as the backbone of the defense system for America. In order to assure the existence of a large force of armed citizens that are capable to spring to the defense of the nation on short notice the founding fathers adopted the 2nd amendment to the Constitution:

2nd Amendment

-A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  Freedom from Great Britain was not won by supermen using super weapons. The American Revolution was one by ordinary citizens whose will to fight for liberty was backed by an intimate knowledge of firearms. Which was gained through the use of personal weapons.

 Today and everyday I urge you to exercise your right to bear arms. So that we will always stand ready like our forefathers did so many years ago.

Be Confident- Be Prepared -Be Victorious! 

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