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Making an Emergency Bag for Kids.


Every family should be ready for an emergency.  This should include carefully packing your families bug out bags and making your family emergency plan compatible with limitations presented by having young ones with you. We will take a look at bugging out with kids to help you determine things to consider pack in your family bug out bag and how to best prepare your family unit to survive when the unforeseen strikes.

What Makes A Great Bug Out Bag for Kids?

A Child’s bug out bag (BOB) has the same primary purpose as yours. Their (BOB) kit is there to help them survive and must be tailored to meet the needs of there ages and skill sets. Be sure to help them with their bag and also test it out with them every so often. Going Camping is a great way to find out how their (BOB) performs. Remember after testing to replenish whatever supplies that may have been used. Using your bags in different practice scenarios can be fun and will also help identify things you may have missed.


*Be Sure the bag is not to heavy for them. They should be able to carry comfortably.


*The bag should be packed with age and skill appropriate gear.

*Basic first aid kits

*Change of clothes (EXTRA SOCKS)

*Fire Kit with Redundancies (Lighter, Matches, Flint & Steel, etc.)

*Orienteering- (Map, Compass, etc.)

*Shelter- (Tarp, Cordage, Emergency Blanket, etc.)

*Water & Ways to Purify- Pack at least one bottle filled. Also Water Filtration Redundancies. (tablets, filters, etc.)

*Food- Go lightweight with Energy Bars, MRE’s, etc.


  Preparing kids for an emergency situation can be a daunting task. However as you can see with some simple planning you can overcome these difficulties and help your family be prepared safely.  Think critically about what items to add to your family bug out bag to make things easier on both the child and the parent.  Also include your kids in your preparedness training and bug out planning so they know what is going on when the time comes. 

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