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GLOCK 21 45ACP & 460 Rowland

I like big pistols and i can not lie! The Glock 21 chambered in 45 is an incredible pistol. Usually when you think 45 you think big stopping power with little capacity but the Glock 21 has an impressive 13rd Factory Capacity. Extended magazines are also offered because lets be honest you can never have to much ammo. The Glock 21 is a larger frame than the 9mm & 40 so remember that when you go to purchase holsters.

One of the reasons i have fallen in love with the Glock 21 is the ability to convert it to 460 Rowland. Up until a few months ago i had never even heard of the 460 Rowland but by chance a customer brought one in for me to install the conversion. After installing the conversion i was able to test the function and i had a blast! The 460 Rowland is to the 45 similar to how a 10mm is; However the 45acp can still fire with the 460 Rowland Conversion installed. This configuration gives you near 44 magnum stopping power with a 13 rd capacity! Now that is a bear stopper.

I would highly recommend the Glock 21 for anyone looking for a Big Pistol for the house or backwoods. The Glock 21 is a powerful, lightweight, all climate workhorse that is also Deercreek Approved.